Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vera Bradley Favorites

Like most brands, people are obsessive over Vera Bradley.  They have every imaginable item in matching prints. I, on the hand, do like some items but I am not a fanatic.  In case you were wondering, nothing I have from vera bradley is the same print with the exception of my lanyard and i.d. case.  I think the quality of most vera bradley products is pretty good.  I mean obviously things get worn out over time, for example key chains break, lanyards fade, etc. Some of the products are over priced but usually you can find a good deal.  From receiving coupons in the mail, receiving free shipping online, or purchasing items in sale colors.  

The Laptop Backpack ($109) This is the backpack I use for school.  My bag is not this jazzy blooms color, but if I were to get a new one, today, this would be the pattern I would purchase.  I love that it has a back padded pocket just for my laptop.  It allows me to carry everything in one bag rather than having my bag with books and a lap top bag as well.  I have had this for two years and it has yet to fail me.  My only complaint about this is that I wish it had a side pocket big enough to fit a water bottle.  I highly recommend this for anyone who is looking for a school bag.  It is a little pricey but if you buy a sale color the price drops significantly.

Large Duffel ($85) My mom and I each bought this bag a few years ago and we love it!  The different patterns it comes in are adorable, it folds up easily when your not using it, and the size is perfect.  This bag is great for traveling.  A good size for a carry on for flying.  I use this when I go home from college for the weekend.  Fun fact: when I went on vacation with my boyfriend and his family last July, to the beach for one week, I was told I have to pack light because there was limited space in the car.  For those of you who know me, know that packing lightly is just not in my vocabulary. Well, I somehow managed to pack my entire week's worth of clothes in here.  Needless to say, this bag can fit a decent amount.  It also comes in a medium and extra large as well.

The Weekender ($98)  I love the shape of this bag. I personally do not own this, but I know people who do and they love it.  This would be great for taking an overnight trip somewhere.  If I were to purchase this I would buy this pattern, sun valley.

Large Cosmetic ($30)  I have this cosmetic case in a different color.  I do not regret this purchase at all. In fact, I would buy another one.  I use this as my cosmetic bag when I go away.  When I go to the beach I put this in my bag, and inside of it I put my money, phone, ear buds, chap stick,and such.  I have a medium sized one of these as well that I keep in my backpack and tote bag. I really want this cosmetic bag in this pattern to use for my beach bag this summer!

Currently my favorite pattern is Jazzy Blooms.  
Some patterns I own include: Rosy posies, Night & day, Sittin' in a Tree, paprika, cupcakes green, and peacock

What are some of your favorite vera bradley patterns and styles?



  1. I absolutely love the Vera Bradley items I own but, like you a rather get one of the cute prints on sell. Sorry still a poor college kid but, I need a new cosmetic case from Vera!

    The Plaid Princess

  2. That first print is my absolute FAVORITE! It's what I use for my ID carrier at school.

    So excited to have found my two favorite things on your blog-PINK AND GREEN! How perfect :)

    I have followed you on GFC and Bloglovinn and hop you follow back! :)

    ANd if you like Pinklette I have a nautical giveaway going on with a lovely preppy anchor necklace right now! Hope to meet you! :)