Monday, October 5, 2015

October's Motivational Monday

We all know Mondays can be the ultimate struggle. This week Monday is a day filled with relaxation  for me, since it's my university's Fall Break.  However, I wanted to provide those of you who don't have Fall Break with a little Monday Motivation.  This month's motivation is centered around the following quote. 

A line in one of Taylor Swift's popular songs from this past year.  Shake it off. These three words have a great amount of meaning behind them. There are so many things that are worth shaking off in life.  It isn't worth our time to hold onto the little things in life that might be bothering us.  We cannot afford to walk around everyday letting the words of others tear us down.  Letting others bring us down prohibits us from succeeding. We cannot let the rude cashier at the grocery store get the best of our good mood. We cannot let the driver, of the car, that cut us off in the morning commute turn our morning into one filled with anger.  A few bad things in a day, should not turn our whole day into a bad one. It is how we react to all of these "bad moments" that dictate how the rest of our day will be.  Living a life filled with optimism requires us to shake it off frequently.  If we shake things off, then we will be able to live a happier life. 


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