Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Weekly Goals

It's important to set goals.  They serve as a great motivational technique in all stages of life.  I use this for college, but my mom also uses this in her classroom and at home. In college, I like to set goals as benchmarks to help me reach a goal by a certain time.  These goals remind me to  do things I might forget to do otherwise, sometimes they are obvious things, and other times they are things I'd like to do but not sure if it's possible.  I begin each week by setting new goals.  Creating short term goals helps me get to tiny accomplishments that will eventually help me achieve larger goals.  

Goals can come in many different shapes and sizes. My weekly goals come in the shape of six square post it notes.  I create six goals each week. Usually these are things that would be on my to do list.  After I complete a task, I take the post it note off of my goal list.  The goal list is conveniently hung over my desk, so I am able to access it easily while working. These goals also serve as a great time management tool! 

How to create your own goal list:
  • One: Purchase a small piece of poster board (11" by 14")
  • Two:  Out line the layout in pencil.
  • Three: Trace over the pencil in a fine tip sharpie adding any creative touches you wish.
  • Four: Add your post it notes


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