Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Be Back Soon

As you know, I started my Junior year of college four weeks ago.  September is flying by and I cannot believe that next week is our last full week of September.  I'm enjoying school so much more this semester than I have in the past few semesters.  I have gotten involved in several organizations on campus, which has been great. The past few weeks and this week are prime sorority recruitment weeks where I go to school.  I came home to Alpha Delta Pi last September and since then I've gotten incredibly involved with my sorority.  I will be too busy the rest of the week with recruitment, studying, and coaching to write any posts.  This makes me really sad, but I would rather not post than write a short low quality post.

In the mean time I thought I would leave y'all with a few words of wisdom to get you through the week and a few pictures from recruitment day one!

Have a fantastic week, and I'll be back in the blog world in one week!


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