Thursday, April 24, 2014

Two More Mondays

That's right, only two more Mondays left until the semester is over! This is like music to my ears,but it's also a little stressful too! I know I've blogged about it a ton this semester, but this has been an incredibly rough semester...needless to say I'm ready for it to be over.

The end of the semester entails a significant amount of exams, papers, and projects.  Not only am I busy academically, but the end of the semester is also filled with sorority events too(philanthropy events, formals, last minute workshops, etc.).  
The only way I stay sane is by being incredibly organized. I would not be able to survive the next two and a half weeks without the help of my agenda.
Before I write everything in my agenda, I compile a list with all the due dates for each class.

I use the monthly view to write everything down, so that I am able to see it all in one place. I then use the individual days to write my daily to do lists and/or things that I need to remember. I have tons of to do lists since I write a new one every day. 

How do you stay organized during the end of the semester chaos?



  1. you're sooo close!! I finished classes yesterday, but still have 2 essays to finish -- I'm ready for summer lol

  2. Like you, we only have two Mondays left! To keep the stress to a minimum, I make to do lists for each class, like you, and then each day I make a To Do list to help me not get overwhelmed by the big list!

  3. In love with your handwriting! So pretty. I wish mine looked like yours...but You got this! The end is so close and you can do it!

  4. Good luck with the end of the semester...the end is near, hooray!

  5. I feel your pain - I've just got two weeks left of my undergrad degree :( I've been writing lists left, right and centre. To-do lists for an hour really help me to stay focussed and productive :)

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