Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Five: Songs from freshman year

Happy Friday! It's the weekend!  Today is my move out day.  Bittersweet.
This week's Friday Five are the top five songs that remind me of my freshman year of college.  These are kinda random, but when I think freshman year these are the ones that stick out most. 

Don't You Worry Child: Swedish House Mafia
All Night Longer: Sammy Adams
Die Young: Kesha
Make The Floor Shake: Wiz Khalifa
I knew You Were Trouble: Taylor Swift

1. This song came on all the time, no matter where I was.
2. My team was obsessed with this song.  It played in the locker room literally all the time.  Needless to say, I then played it in my room all the time
3. jHg are all about Ke$ha.  Her new album is really catchy.  This song is just a good pump up song.
4. This was another song my team listened to all the time.  It was played in the locker room, on the bus, and on our warm up CD too.  I heard it all the time this year.
5. Taylor Swift's new album came out in the Fall of my freshman year.  I remember standing in the training room the first day I was here, and this song was playing in the background while we went through our physicals.  

Enjoy your Friday.  It is beautiful out today!


  1. I love all of these songs!! Isn't it funny how music can evoke such strong memories? I have songs that take me all the way back to freshman year of high school!

  2. i love IKYWT!! especially because it's about harry styles haha

  3. Don't you just love that songs capture memories that you will keep forever? I love Swedish House Mafia!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. The Kesha song has me dancing around my room. Glad nobody can see me ;)