Thursday, May 2, 2013

Welcome to WAC

Hello everyone, Happy Thursday!

Today is my last day of classes for freshman year.  I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by.  I've never given you all a tour of my college, so I thought this would be a fun post for today.  Yesterday I went for a walk around campus and into town to take pictures for this post.  My campus is really pretty, especially in the Spring!  The university I am transferring doesn't quite have the beauty of this campus.

This is the sign that is at the entrance of my college.  
Our school is the only one that George Washington actually founded.  Our school is very much into traditions because of this.  We even have a big birthday ball every year to celebrate George's birthday.  This is the Giant George head that sits outside of our dining hall.  

 This is the CAC. It is a really pretty building with great architecture both inside and out.  This is where admission, financial aid, student affairs, the book store, and several other things are located. 
At the bottom of the CAC there are tables outside.  Sometimes when it is nice out, I sit outside here and do my homework.
This is, what we call, the Cater Walk.  It is the main pathway that takes you to everywhere you need to go on campus.  It is beautiful in the Spring with the trees blooming.

 This an entrance to our green from a walking path.

 The building in the distance, is the science and psychology building.  
This is one our academic buildings. I had one class here this year.

 This is our green, where we start and end our college careers.  Throughout the year there are many events here.

 The landscaping at WAC, is really pretty.  We joke that this is where all of our tuition money goes.  I guess it is true April showers really do bring May flowers.

 This is Roy Kirby Stadium.  Being on the field hockey team, I spent a significant amount of time there in the Fall.  I am definitely going to miss the times I had there with my team.

Speaking of things I am going to miss since I am transferring...

 The Victory Bell- this is the bell that every team rings after winning a game.  It is a tradition that has been around for quite some time.  I am really going to miss the sound of the victory bell next year (You can hear it from just about anywhere on campus).  

This was my dorm.  I am not going to miss how old this building is.  However, I am going to miss room 307 and my roommate jHg.  We had tons of great times in our rooms.  Transferring, we won't be roommates next year, which makes me really sad. 

Another thing I am going to miss are my trips to Play It Again Sams, a little local coffee house.  They have the best Chai Blizzards!  I went there yesterday, for my last one of the year.  

I hope you enjoyed your tour.  


  1. Where are you transferring to? It's a pretty campus.

    1. to a state school in Pennsylvania

  2. What a pretty campus! I can't wait to hear all about your new school once you transfer! I transferred, and it was seriously the best decision ever. If you ever have any questions/need advice, let me know!

    1. Thank you! I definitely will!

  3. congrats on getting done with classes! such a great accomplishment!

  4. It was so interesting seeing the view around your campus, looks great! Thanks for your visit...Happy Friday Doll!

  5. Wow what a beautiful school! So much history and stunning architecture! I can see why you would miss the campus! Onto bigger and better things my dear:))! P.S. I'm following back!

  6. Such a gorgeous campus!


  7. Wish I could have made it down for a visit this year.

  8. Looks like such a beautiful campus! I love the historical look of it! xo

  9. This is a gorgeous campus--Good luck with the process of transferring. I hope it all goes smoothly!

    xo, gina