Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Five: Creating a Summer Bucket List

Today marks my first week of summer complete.  I have been pretty busy the past week catching up with old friends, making new friends, visiting jHg, cooking, exercising, sleeping, organizing, and so much more. 

Well, I decided that I needed to make a list of things that I wanted to do this summer.  This turned into me creating a Summer Bucket List of 100 things. I have never done anything like this, so I think it is going to be a lot of fun! It will prevent that summer boredom that sometimes occurs. Plus it will make for some fun blog posts too!

  I need five more things to complete my list, so I thought it would be appropriate for my "Friday five" to have you all, my readers, give me five things to add to my bucket list.  I'll start by giving you five things that are on my list.

I plan on starting this Monday, so I need to finish creating the list by Sunday night.
I've given you five things on my list, so now it's your turn to give me five or more things to add. Ready, set, go!

Happy Friday!


  1. Nice post!

    Boulevard ACH

  2. Bucket lists are awesome! I tagged you in the latest post on my blog. :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  3. Those are awesome! Love it!

  4. I am in the process of working on my summer bucket list and will be posting it next week :]

  5. A few things I want to do this summer are go on a picnic, run a 10K, and learn how to play tennis!