Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I have found that hardly any people publish blog posts about sports.  As an athlete, sports are something that have consumed a large portion of my life.  Lacrosse like many sports, lacrosse is something that brings a group of people, with hardly anything in common, together to form such a strong bond.  These bonds are formed amongst fans, parents, the athletes, coaches, and so many others.  For those of you who have been on a competitive athletic team, you are aware of what I am talking about. 

This past weekend was a huge lacrosse weekend for college teams across the nation.  For me and my family, memorial day weekend will always mean that it's time for some good lacrosse.  The men's division I semifinals and championships as well as the Division II and III championships took place in Philadelphia, PA.  I watched most of the games on television with my family.  We have attended this event several times.  It is always a ton of fun: family, lacrosse, tailgating.  One year, my brother's rec league lacrosse team was able to play on the field prior to one of the semifinal games, it was kind of a big deal.  The games this weekend were all really exciting. Congratulations to the national champions of 2013 for men's lacrosse: Division I- Duke University, Division 2- Le Moyne University, and Division III- Stevenson University.

My college was a huge lacrosse school for division III, which I loved.  Unfortunately, the school I am transferring to does not have the same respect for lacrosse. Personally, I played lacrosse for four years, but since my high school didn't have a program I stopped playing and focused on field hockey.  There are times that I wish I would have continued to play somewhere, but I realize that if I had continued with lacrosse then I would not be who I am today.  Because of field hockey I have made some great friends,  lost some others, and I have gained so much knowledge about trusting people. 



  1. I love sports! And I think it's so awesome for kids in middle school/high school and college to play something. I got to go to the Mens D1 Championship Lacrosse game a few years ago when it was in Baltimore. It was so much fun!! Where I grew up we didn't have Lacrosse (our area was really only focused on baseball and softball) so it was extra exciting to watch!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. I loved going to LAX games in high school and college, great post!!

  3. I love sports too :) I did badminton and rowing at competitive level. Now I'm in college and I'm not doing any of this two unfortunately. Field hockey and lacrosse are not very popular here in Italy. The most chosen sports are soccer and volleyball. I'm happy I did something different, and I totally agree about bonds, it's really special what sport can create.

  4. Seriously? How could you not even Mention Syracuse in this! That hurts Mic! XOXOXO Love ya anyway. lol