Friday, January 27, 2017

Walk in my Week: First Month of Adulting

Happy Friday! 
Yesterday I shared a little reflection about how my first month after graduating college has been, also known as my first month of adulting.  I've gotten requests for more posts like these, so I thought I'd give you all a glimpse into what my average week has looked like this past month. Below is an outline of what I do on each day every week. Each day more items are added to these core lists depending on what is going on in a given week.  Throughout each day I usually watch at least one episode of Grey's Anatomy, read some of my favorite blogs, read for thirty minutes, draft a blog post, and take care of the dogs.

Morning Routine
Each morning is pretty much the same. If I don't have anywhere to bed, then I'll sleep until eight most days. I wake up and read The Skimm to find out the highlights of what's going on in the world.  I take Brody out and feed him breakfast.  I drink a cup of hot water with lemon as I make breakfast or eat my pre-workout granola bar. I then head upstairs to make my bed and get dressed for my workout. 

Around noon I usually feed the puppies their lunch.  I make my own lunch and then take the puppies out.  After taking care of the puppies, I sit down to eat my own lunch. As I eat lunch, I usually watch Netflix or read some blogs. 

These tend to vary depending on the day. Some days I meet my mom at the gym when she's done work, some nights I coach, sometimes I run errands, work on the blog, etc.  Once my parents are home, my mom and/or I cook dinner then we eat together.  Most nights, after dinner, my mom and I watch a silly reality TV show together on Bravo. I'm working on reading for a little while before I go to bed, but most nights I end up falling asleep after reading a few pages. 

I have a feeling this schedule won't be lasting for too much longer. 

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