Wednesday, January 25, 2017

5 Things To Do Instead Of Checking Your Phone

It's crazy how so many people around us are addicted to their phones.  If you're in a public setting, take a second to look around and count the number of people you see on their phones.  My guess is that it's more than you can count on your own two hands.  We're all guilty of using our phones too much..maybe some of us more than others. There's so much we are missing out on when we are staring at our phones.  This digital connection is preventing many of us from being present and enjoying the moment.  The past few weeks I have been working on finding more productive things to do when I find myself reaching for my phone out of habit and/or boredom. Recently social media has been filled with too much negativity for me, so it's made decreasing the mindless scrolling of the phone much easier. I've created a list of some happier and healthier things to do in your spare time.

Read a book
This is honestly becoming a lost art.  We all convince ourselves we don't have any time to read, but in reality we're just not making time. Rather than coming home from work or school and spending twenty minutes catching up on your social media, why not open a book and read a few pages.  

Head to the Kitchen
Find a new recipe to cook or bake.  This is always a fun adventure, and if you don't like to eat the sweets you make you could always mail them to a friend.  Your other option while you're in the kitchen would be to meal prep.  This requires a little bit of time, but your productivity will pay off when you're having a hectic week.  Remember, there's lots of recipes out there that give you the option to freeze food for later (a great meal prepping alternative). 

Get Crafty
You don't have to be artsy in order to craft. There's tons of simply DIY projects just waiting for you to complete. You could make a bracelet, learn how to knit, make a card, doodle on a piece of scrap paper, paint a canvas, and the list goes on. Another option is to simply color.  Adult coloring books are everywhere, or you could even print a coloring page for free from a website. 

Call a Friend
Yes, believe it or not you're phone can be used to actually call someone.  Pick up the phone and call a family member or friend. If you're lucky, they will be free to grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee.  

Create a To-Do-List
There is always something that needs to be done (clean your room, make your bed, clean the bathroom, organize a closet, social media clean up, etc.). Creating a to do list is the first step to getting something accomplished. Once you have created your to do list, then you can decide what on the list you want to get done first.  This will give you plenty to do rather than checking your phone. 

Take some time to take care of yourself. Spend a few minutes meditating, take a nap, paint your nails, give yourself a pedicure,  create a face mask and apply it, take a bath, do a hair mask, etc.  It's important to take care of yourself and give your eyes a break from staring at that tiny bright screen. 

Good luck!


  1. Its so hard not to pay attention to your phone all of the time.. which is sad to admit. But these are great alternatives! I've definitely been trying to read more to help stay away from my phone!

  2. I could spend all day reading a book, i actually have to limit myself from wasting a day.

  3. I spend so much time on my phone while I'm on public transit, and I started reading instead! Such a more productive way to pass the time haha :)

  4. I've been trying to read more before bed instead of being on my phone and I've been sleeping better!

    Greta |

  5. Yes to all of these! I've been cooking more lately when I get home instead of plopping down on my couch and scrolling endlessly through YouTube!

  6. My phone owns me...its a struggle. I will be partially disconnecting next week for vacation tho so this is perfect!

  7. I do okay with not being on my phone 24/7-- reading definitely helps and I love to cook as well... although it's so helpful to pull up a recipe on my phone. When I'm out at a restaurant I always look around and see SO many people on their phones, it's kind of sad. I try to make an effort not to use it when I'm out eating.

  8. Such a great list! I have been so bad at being on my phone all of the time lately and I have been trying to make it a goal at being better at it this year!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  9. LOL I love this!! I suffer from chronically checking my phone. Deff bookmarking this.

    xo //

  10. I love this. I am too a culprit of checking my phone every chance I get. I honestly think this is just out of habit. I don't thoughtfully check it, but it just seems like the thing to do. I love all of your tips on better things to do than checking your phone for the 100th time in a day.