Monday, January 30, 2017

January Favorites

Can you believe that the first month of the year is almost over? I definitely am finding it hard to believe.  January has flown by, but I don't feel like that much has happened in my life.  This past month has been a recharging month for me.  I have been spending time doing things that make me happy, relaxing, taking care of myself, working out, and regaining the energy I had lost. There have been a few places and products that I have been loving this month. Check them out below!

Fitbit Charge 2
The first week in January my fitbit stopped working. I had it for almost two years and wore it just about everyday. After calling the company, I found out that it was out of warranty but I was eligible for a damage discount.  Initially I thought I could go on without purchasing a new fitbit, but several days later I found myself missing it.  After some research and consideration, I chose to purchase the Charge 2.  There hasn't been a day yet that I've regretted this purchase.  

Green Smoothies
New year, new me... Just kidding I actually hate that saying.  I've always loved smoothies, but this month I've started making more green smoothies; filling my morning drink with kale and spinach.

It's grapefruit season.  I've been eating half a grape fruit with my breakfasts. They're great hot or cold.  When I have some extra time, I broil one in the oven with a little brown sugar and honey. 

If you know me, then you know that I love pizza.  My favorite pizza is one that is thin and crispy.  It's hard to find the perfect slice.  My mom and I have always loved Peace A Pizza, but in the past few years they closed down.  This month we discovered a new place called SNAP. It turns out Peace A Pizza shutdown and re branded themselves into this company.  The pizza is custom to your liking so you can make it as healthy or unhealthy as you'd like.  When we went, we split a custom pizza topped with herb butter, goat cheese, olives, spinach, and artichokes. 

Bookending the day
I've been loving ending my day with a little reading rather than watching Netflix. It's helping me sleep better, and it has reminded me how much I actually love to read. This month I read The Friends We Keep and No Baggage.

My face has been really dry lately. This moisturizer has done miracles for my face! It's definitely pricier, but it's made of all natural ingredients. 

Of the five goals I had for the month, I've managed to complete three of them, which isn't bad at all.  Over the course of the next day I'll be setting my intentions for February.  I'm looking forward to what the month has in store for me. 

What have your favorites been form January?

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