Monday, June 27, 2016

What's in My Everyday Bag: Summer Edition

I love bags. I think they are an accessory that can turn a good outfit into a great one, make you look more put together, and ensure that you leave the house each day with all the tools to help you get everything on your to do list accomplished.  As much as I love bags/purses, I'm all about simplicity. I don't think you need a ton of different bags to accessorize with. Sure that would be lovely, but at the end of the day we all know how much of a pain it is to transfer your items from bag to bag.  I prefer to use one bag consistently. This ensures that I don't forget anything and it allows me one less thing I have to think about when leaving the house each day. 

My go to bag lately is made by Kelly & Katie. They are one of my favorite designers found at the Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW).  They make the most comfortable heels and adorable handbags for those of us on a budget.  I have been in search of the perfect "big girl purse", but I have yet to actually find something that matches the design and color scheme that I have in my head.  This winter my mom and I were shopping and found this bag. It's not quite my perfect big girl purse but it is slightly similar to what I'm looking for.  The purse I want is much more pricier than this one and will have to wait until I have a big girl job/budget to purchase it.  However, in the meantime this one is doing the job just fine. 

The bag has lots of pockets, which makes it great for organization. Rarely am I unable to find an item in there.  It's not like one of those Mary Poppins bags where you spend forever digging through the bottomless bag in search of your favorite tube of lipstick. 

If you're looking for a cute summer bag and you have a budget, then I definitely recommend it. This bag also comes in ivory/black and mint green. 

So what do I keep in my summer bag? I always love seeing what people carry with them on a daily basis, what their essentials are, and how the package them up.  Today I'm going to share with you some of the items I carry with me regularly.  These items will have slight changes depending on where I'm going, but for the most these are the essentials. 

Glasses and Sunglasses
I don't leave my house without sunglasses in the summertime. These Ray Bans are my go to, but I also have a few cheaper pairs that I will take with me if I'm doing something where they might get broken or lost.  I don't wear my glasses that often during the summer months unless I'm driving at night or doing school work.  

You never what you might need to buy. Plus where I live you pretty much have to drive somewhere, which means you can't leave the house without your license.  This wallet is one that I got for Christmas and I am obsessed with it. If you're in search for a new wallet, then I highly suggest checking it out. It comes in many different colors too!

You never know when you're going to need this. My car isn't air conditioned, so I use this pretty much overtime I get where I need to be. 

Confession: I get hangry when I go to long without eating. 
I try to always carry snacks with me to prevent being hangry.  Right now the snacks I have in my bag are a Blueberry crisp clif bar and mixed nuts.  I try to keep healthy snacks with me that won't get spoiled in the summer heat. 

You never know when you'll be able to pull out a book and read a few pages.  I nanny during the summer months, so I always make sure I bring a book with me.  Also during my breaks at my other job I have 30 minutes to an hour, so after I'm done eating I will usually pull out my book. I just finished Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. It's a great summer read!

Portable Charger
Summer days can be filled with spontaneous adventures, so I try to keep my portable charger with me.

I talked about the importance of SPF last week, so if you didn't read it head over to last week's post.  But this one goes without really much explanation. I have fair skin and I like to protect myself. Both of my summer jobs require me to be outside, so I never leave the house without these two bottles. 

Summer has lots of adventures, so I always like to be prepared to keep any beverages I might have cold. 

Emergency Kit
I bring a variation of this in all of my bags regardless of where I'm going. It has Advil, bandaids, deodorant, face wipes, tissues, feminine products, hand sanitizer, hair ties, bobby pins, soft picks,  SPF chapstick, a bright lipstick, and a neutral lipstick.

What do you carry in your summer bag?



  1. As a mommy, snacks are always necessary. Lol. I keep sunscreen in my house, in the car, and in my purse. It's just too important to forget.

  2. Loving your tote! It's adorable!

    Rachel /

  3. Love this bag, it's so cute! I am a sucker for a good bag.

  4. Love this! I always keep tons of sun products and makeup in my bag too - I'm really loving that book also!

  5. Glad I'm not the only one to carry a koozie at all times :) I love your bag as well!

  6. First of all I love your bag! It's too cute. Second, the number one thing in my bag is a portable charger, my phone always seems to be running out of battery!!