Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Motivation: June Edition

I'm back again with another edition of Monday motivation. Today's post is a little different than some of my other Monday motivation posts that I've share with y'all.  Today I'm sharing how to find the motivation to get shit done when all you want to do is sleep and binge watch your favorite Netflix series.  

  Life has been a little hectic for me lately.  Since the end of the semester I have been working about 45 hours a week.  For the most part I really enjoy my job, but there are definitely some things that I don't like as much.  The number one down fall to working retail is the lack of consistency in your daily schedule.  I am a person who thrives on routines.  I prefer to wake up at the same time each day and establish a daily routine.  Working retail has definitely interrupted my daily routines since my nine hour shifts start anywhere from 8am-12pm.  The lack of routine has definitely taken a toll on my productivity.   

Today I had the day off and was stuck between laying in bed all day and being super productive.  After spending a few hours in bed, watching Netflix, reading some of my favorite blogs, and browsing Pinterest, I somehow found the motivation to get up and be productive.  Being on the go pretty much 24/7 has worn me down a bit. 

So how can you become more motivated?

I do have to say after getting everything done, on my list, I feel much better and more organized.  I am feeling refreshed and ready to start a new week filled with work, celebrations, fitness, and positivity. 

How do you motivate yourself when all you want to do is be lazy?


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