Friday, June 10, 2016

Things To Do With Your Free Time

It's been awhile since I've done a Friday Five... and by awhile I mean close to two years. I decided to bring back Friday Five for the summer because there are so many fun things going on in the summer to share with y'all! Today's Friday five is a five times two post! 
Now that most of you have started your summer, I'm sure you have a little more free time than you did during the school year. The free time is great in the beginning, but eventually we all get a little bored.  It's important to make use of your free time regardless whether you have a lot of it or hardly any time.  Sure, we can all spend hours binge watching Netflix, but let's be real there are tons of other things you can do that are a little bit more productive as well as healthier for you. 

Here's a lit of some things that you can do to make the most of your free time:

Social Media Clean Up:
With all the different social media accounts we have, it is important to manage your accounts. It's healthy to do a social media clean up every now and then just like you clean up your room. Discard the people and things that no longer apply to your life. Remove those blogs who don't post anymore from your bookmarks, unfollow the twitter accounts you thought were funny years ago, unfriend/unfollow the people from high school who you don't speak to anymore, unfriend/unfollow people who you would never talk to in person but yet are still friends with, and even delete some of the embarrassing pictures that are still floating on your Facebook page from middle school. 

Goal Time:
Take ten minutes to asses the goals you made for the month or year and formulate new goals to keep you moving forward to where you want to be. 

Go to the gym, take you dog for a walk, go for a quick run through the park, pop in your favorite workout DVD, head over to your favorite yogi You Tube Channel, etc. 

Reading is great for your brain. Take out the book you've been trying to get through for weeks now and spend 20 minutes reading it, page through your favorite magazine, or read the latest news articles. 

Cooking can be very therapeutic.  Try a new recipe. This will take some time and allow you to have some fun too! If you don't have time to try something new, then get ahead on your meal prepping. 

These are cheap and easy to find. If you have more free time, then this is something great to do in your free time. Puzzles help with your patience, stimulate your brain, and provide you with a challenge to pass by the time. 

Become an expert:
Take some time to research something you've always wanted to know more about.  Read a book, search the internet, or conduct some interviews and become an expert in this unfamiliar area. 

Create a bucket list:
Bucket lists are fun because they allow you to do a little dreaming.  Spend time creating your list and then get out there and start crossing things off of it. 

Meditating is good for your mind, body, and soul. It has been proved that meditation and mindfulness help decrease your stress levels, help you get better grades, lowers depression, and can help with your weight loss. 

Send a thank you note:
There's always something or someone to be thankful for. Let that person know you are thankful for them or something they have done for you by sending them some snail mail.  With today's avid use of technology we sometimes forget to send a handwritten note. 

How do you recommend people spend their free time?


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  1. These are some really great ideas! I love cooking, and I definitely find it therapeutic!

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