Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Building a Better Salad

One of my favorite meals to eat during the summer are variations of salads. These cool meals involved fruits, veggies, and proteins. They can change depending what you put inside.  Not only do they taste good, but they are also good for you too! 

How to build the perfect salad:

One: Pick your Base
spinach, iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, butter lettuce, etc.

Two: Add more greens
Cucumber, avocado, green peppers, broccoli, sprouts, etc.

Three: Add color
fruit, carrots, peppers, onions, tomatoes, beats, etc.

Four: Add some crunch
apples, nuts, sunflower seeds, etc. 

Five: Add some healthy extras
herbs, nuts, cheese, hard boiled eggs, etc.

Six: Pack your salad with protein
Chicken, steak, shrimp, salmon, beans, etc.

Seven: Dress it up
Opt for a healthy vinegrette

**Tip: leftovers make for great additions to summer salads**

These are two salads that I've made recently. 
Salad #1
Steak, strawberries, avocado, and romaine lettuce

Salad #2: 
salmon, avocado, hardboiled egg, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, spinach, romaine lettuce and dill

What's your go to mix for salads?



  1. Great breakdown for the perfect salad. I've been totally addicted to this cucumber and tomato salad that I found on Facebook. Yours look really yummy too.


  2. Yum! Love this guide. For salads, I typically go with as dark of greens as possible (spinach and kale are my favorites) and then I like to add a lot of veggies. When I want it to really hold me over I'll add avocado. I'm obsessed with this french vinaigrette that I get at my local grocery store!


  3. Love this! I remember when I first had my "aha!" moment with salads, realizing there were so many creative things I could do to spruce it up. Now they're my favorite go-to lunch or dinner, especially if I don't have a lot of time. I find if I always keep sunflower seeds in the house, they add great crunch to every salad!


  4. I've been trying to make more salads and love your tips. So helpful!

    Greta |

  5. Great tips. I'm totally obsessed with salads for summer. I'll try this out.

  6. These look super yummy! I am excited to try and make my own:)

  7. That steak salad looks so good! I usually do romaine, chicken, feta cheese, and sometimes strawberries. It's so good but I'm always looking for more combinations to try!


  8. I always add some fruit and nuts! I love different textures in a salad.

    Alix |

  9. I love the crunch in my salad and add sunflower seeds whenever I can. This is such a great breakdown to perfect salad!

  10. The second salad looks right up my alley! I'm also obsessed with Chicken Caesar salad too.

    xoxo, Jenny

  11. This salad looks so good! I'm always eating salad for lunch. I love to make different ones and experiment with them!

  12. I love a great salad! Thank you for this helpful guide to make a tasty salad!

  13. YUM! We do salads a LOT during the summer! And I agree, I have to have something crunchy in my salad.

  14. I love salads during the summer! Some of my favorite toppings for a salad have to be hardboiled eggs & croutons!
    -Anna |

  15. Salads are my go to meal when I need extra greens in my diet. I'm not that adventurous when it comes to adding a lot of flavors, my salads are pretty basic. I love how you broke it down in this post though. :)

    xoxo, Danielle

  16. I love this, Such great idea!! I always add strawberries to my summer salads

  17. Salads are my go to all year around. They're so simple and delicious! I love adding avocado in my salads during the summer!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  18. Okay, now I'm hungry!

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