Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Weekend Happenings: Fourth of July Edition

Happy Tuesday!

This past weekend we celebrated the United States of America.  Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays because of the food, friends, drinks, summertime, fireworks, the color scheme, and oh so much more. The list could really go on for quite awhile! My family doesn't have any traditions for this holiday, which is why maybe it's so fun.  It is unpredictable, each year is always different!  This year I spent the fourth with both friends and family.  Two of my friends came out to the "country" for the night.  We enjoyed some drinks, good eats, fireworks from a distance, attempted to make ice cream sandwiches, and laughed quite a bit.  Sometimes a night in with people you care about is just as good as a night out on the town.

I loved the geotags that snapchat had on Saturday. This one fit perfectly with out festive Sangria.  We used this recipe and adapted it to create our patriotic looking drink for the day. 

For dinner we had Frogmore Stew, otherwise known as a one-pot seafood dinner. We had just bought our first batch of corn of the season from the local market and thought it would be a great fourth of July dinner. There is nothing like corn at the beginning of the season. It was sweet and had small kernels. 

I hope y'all had a wonderful fourth of July!

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