Monday, July 6, 2015

Perks of Attending a Sorority Convention

So remember how in my last post I talked about empowering the women in our lives? Well, last month I found a place where women were empowering each other for five consecutive days. This female empowerment happened at a beautiful resort in Scottsdale, Arizona during Alpha Delta Pi's 164th Grand Convention.  Grand Convention is held in odd years, and every chapter of Alpha Delta Pi sends at least one representative. I had the privilege of attending as the Chapter President for the Theta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. 

The week was filled with Lilly Pulitzer prints, monograms, jack rogers, Kendra Scott jewelry, and lots of azure blue & white. This Lilly loving Pennsylvania girl felt at home being surrounded with southern belle sisters. I swear I left that week with the slightest southern accent. We spent time learning about the direction our organization is taking, voting on important business, electing our new Grand Council, networking with sisters from all over the place, polishing our leadership skills, learning about all that our organization has done the past few years, mental health and well-being, and enjoyed the scenic views that Arizona had to offer. 

As you probably have read by now, I am a founding sister of my chapter.  Being a founder has been quite the roller coaster of high and low points.  It is a lot of hard work, but it comes with a lot of rewards too.  My time at Grand Convention reminded how great my chapter is doing for being so young. We received many awards, which was a great tangible reminder and motivates me to continue to lead the chapter in a positive direction. 

My Tips for Attending and Fraternity/Sorority Convention:
Take Notes: 
You will be provided with a ton of great information during your time at these conferences.  Be sure to bring a pen and a notepad to write everything down. Once you leave, the week feels like a blur and you will most likely forget things if you don't write them down. The education sessions and networking you do will provide you with lots of great ideas to bring back to your chapter.  

Make Friends!
You have an opportunity to network with people from around the world who have similar interests as you. Chances are if you are attending this conference, then you are passionate about your organization and your leadership role.  The people attending the conference will most likely have that same vested interest that you do, which makes for great conversations and friendships. These people will be able to share stories, experiences, and so much more with you. Be sure to exchange numbers, emails, social media accounts, etc. because these are the best resources you will take from attending convention.  Last year I attended a smaller scale version of convention, and the women I met have become my support system and friends!

Take advantage of this opportunity that is being given to you. For me, attending these conferences always seems to renew my love for my organization.  It is a great reminder for why I continue to serve in leadership roles. Additionally, it motivates me to become an even better sister. This year's convention inspired me to become involved once I graduate. Sometimes difficult semesters can drag us down, so this is the time to remind yourself why you spend so much doing what you do. Coming together with people who have a common goal reminds you why you are so passionate. 

Have you ever attended a sorority convention? If so I would love to hear about your experiences! 

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  1. Such a great post! As I stated in your recent blog I am getting ready to attend Tri Sigma's convention in a little over 5 months and I am so stoked about it. This post made me even more excited seeing how other people love going to convention as well.