Monday, May 12, 2014

Two Years Down

I did it! I completed another year of college! I am so happy that this semester is over.  I had over seven days off of classes due to snow, which is insane.  For some reason a school official somewhere down the line thought it would be a good idea to make up the lost time, from our snow days, during finals week.   Most universities don't hold classes during finals week, students are just responsible for taking their exams and writing term papers.  Last week I had to go to all of my classes, study and take all of my exams, and write a few term papers. This schedule made the week even more hectic, tiring, and stressful than usual.  Luckily I got through with only having to put in one really late night of studying.

 It's so hard to believe that I'm almost half way done with college.  I say almost because transferring has pushed my graduation date back a semester.  It still feels like just yesterday I was sitting next to my best friends at our high school graduation. So much has changed in the past two years; some change has been for the better while other changes are a little disappointing.  Everything I have gone through and experienced has made me the person I am today and I am incredibly thankful for all of these opportunities.

As you've read, this entire year has been a period of change for me going from the school of my dreams to your average state school.  Last semester I was miserable.  I had some good times, but overall I just was not a happy person.  
This semester, however, was much better.  I think I finally came to terms with transferring.  I now know more people, I figured out how to balance 18 credits, I took advantage of more opportunities, and I stopped wishing I was somewhere else and started being happy with where I am today.  I still can't say I am in love with the school I attend, but I have learned how to tolerate it. 

I can honestly say that joining a sorority has been the one thing that has kept me from transferring a second time.  Joining Alpha Delta Pi helped me meet so many people.  Not only did it give 85 women to turn to at any time, but it provided me with role models and great networking opportunities.  ADPi has also provided me with more of a social life than I had last semester too.  Being a commuter and a transfer made it very difficult to make friends and find people to hangout with outside of classes...this semester I have formed some great friendships with people who I can count on at anytime.

Here are a few snapshots from this semester:

I am excited for the summer to be here.  I have a few weeks off before my month of summer classes begins.  This summer I am focusing on becoming fit, bettering my little blog, making money, and just really enjoying my time off.  

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I am so happy that ADPi provided you with so many amazing opportunities this semester!! Transferring definitely does have its ups and downs. Like you, I wouldn't say that I am in love with my new school, but I know that it is the right place for me!! So I totally understand how you feel.

    xoxo A <>