Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Post Semester Organization

Now that the semester has ended it's time to organize all of my school supplies. At the conclusion of each semester I take some time to organize my notebooks, binders, notes, papers, and textbooks. I discard items from my general education  classes because I won't need them in the future.  I usually keep my notes from classes within my major.  I have a large folder that has about 30 different sections that I use for those items.  This keeps everything together in an organized manner, and I know where to find each course when I need to reference it in the future.  This folder is the pink one in the picture below

This cleaning also includes purging textbooks that I won't need in the future.  When it comes to text books every college student has their own method.  Some students use textbooks, others don't use them, some rent their books, others buy theirs, some students sell their books to the school bookstore, some sell them to a book truck, some lend them to friends, some sell them online, and others enjoy keeping all of their books.  Personally, I sell my books once the semester ends.  I sell them to friends or I sell them via an online site.  My favorite site for getting book quotes is Slug Books.This site compares the selling prices of books from several different book companies.  This helps when deciding which company will give you the most money for your book. 



  1. I stopped buying my textbooks after freshman year and instead would wait and see after the first class whether I would use it or not. Barnes and Noble was great for renting books too!

  2. Is the one folder for all of your classes better than using separate binders? Typically I would use a binder for each class, but I have noticed a lot of bloggers seem to prefer the one folder method!

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