Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

(A day late)

In just two short weeks I fell into "summer mode".  I have forgotten the days of the week, I've finished a few books, my skin is already peeling from sunburn, I have spent time watching netflix, and I have managed to sleep past nine a few times. 

As much as I would love to live this care free for the entire summer, it is now back to reality.  Yesterday I started my two summer classes.  Let me tell you summer classes are intense.  For some reason I thought they would be easier, jokes on me.  We cover the same amount of material in five weeks that would be covered in a regular 15-16 week semester.  Today was day two and in my one class several people have already dropped.  This may sound odd, but I enjoy the rigor and fast pace style of the courses.  Doing them this way keeps you organized, on task, and gets rid of the "fluff" that is not needed in college classes. But enough of me rambling on about summer classes, more to come in future post. 

And now for the real reason I wrote this post...

Memorial Day Weekend entails something different for every individual.  Some people have traditions, some open their summer homes during this weekend, some spend their weekend on sports field, others visit with family and friends, sadly some people have to spent it at work, and for others it is just like any other weekend during the year (just a little longer).  

My weekend was filled with productivity, time in the sun, gardening, food, family, friends, and a little bit of tradition.  

Friday morning was a busy one for me.  I woke up and went for a two mile run. (I think it might be time for new running sneakers because I woke up Saturday morning with shin splints.)  I then took Todd to work and we managed to squeeze in a brief Starbucks date.  2 caramel macchiatos, one iced and one hot. I then took a ride over to the local library. Since classes ended, I have been a bit of a book worm.  I don't have time to read for pleasure during the semester, so I guess I really missed it.  I had planed just to bring one book home with me, but after an hour of walking through each isle, of books, I ended up coming home with six books.  I really don't know where I thought I would be getting all the time to read six books on top of working and taking classes.  I then spent the rest of the day getting a head start on my online class.

Friday night Todd and I went out for sushi.  We were lucky enough to sit outside. 

Saturday my mom and I took an adventure. More details will come in future post, but the place was adorable and filled with home and garden essentials.

Sunday I helped my mom do some yard work.  My family grilled burgers for dinner, and my mom made pasta salad and potato salad (so yummy!). Later that night we enjoyed the nice weather by sitting, on a deck, catching up with our neither.  My mom and I stopped by and ice-cream store in our town.  It was so hot out, that the ice cream was melting faster than we could eat it!

Monday morning I sat on our deck and read a book for awhile.  At 1 pm, the family all gathered to watch the Division 1 Men's Lacrosse Championship game.  This is the tradition I was referring to earlier.  We watch this game every year, a couple of years we actually went to the game.  Although my brother nor I play lacrosse anymore, our family still loves the sport.  Throughout the day several family members stopped by for brief visits. We ended the weekend with family dinner.

I hope you all had a wonderful MDW weekend!



  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend with loved ones!

  2. I went to the library over Memorial Day weekend as well! Although I only came back wih 3 books. Props to you for getting 6!! I would love to hear all about which books you picked- like you this is my time to read for fun! :-)

    xoxo A