Monday, November 7, 2016

Brody the Goldendoodle

A month ago Todd and I decided to celebrate our anniversary buy purchasing a puppy. It was a decision we had been talking about for quite some time.. more like me convincing him to agree to get a puppy. I had been doing research for almost a year and had narrowed the breed down to a goldendoodle. After my Yorkshire terrior passed away in early September, I was incredibly lonely and my want for another dog only increased. One weekend in early October we went to a breeder near us to "look" at ten week old puppies. Needless to say looking at puppies turned into purchasing one that day. We just couldn't say no after seeing how cute they were.  

Brody lives with me at my house, which my parents are absolutely loving.  The first few nights we were waking up several times a night to go out, but after that he started sleeping through the entire night.  

Rushing outside to make sure there are no accidents isn't too fun, and training him is a little tricky since I'm not an expert on training puppies.  However, I have been loving everything else about having him. He loves to cuddle, give kisses, and play with his toys. Having a puppy around has just made me so happy. It's great to come home and have someone so happy to see you. 


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