Wednesday, October 15, 2014

TED Talk- 10 Item Wardrobe

Over the past few years my mom and I have started to collect Parisian "coffee table books".  Since taking french in high school, I have developed a minor obsession with anything related to the French culture.  About a year ago, my mom showed me a book that a blogger wrote about her study abroad experience in France.  Lessons From Madame Chic is about the french lifestyles she observed and adapted while abroad. You can catch up with The Daily Connoisseur on a daily basis. She has a ton of great fashion posts!

TED talks are commonly big ideas that are worth sharing with other people.  I had always hear about them, but I never watched them until recently.  I think they are very interesting and oftentimes provide a fresh perspective on such a wide range of topics.  This year, in my classes, several professors have shown them to supplement one of their lessons.

Recently The Daily Connoisseur was featured on a TED talk.  She talked about her concept of the 10 item wardrobe.  With the changing of the seasons, I thought the timing couldn't be more perfect to share this.

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