Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Let's Go Picking

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons. It is one of my favorite seasons: the fashion, pumpkin spice everything, the beautiful colors that leaves change to, the food, field hockey, mums, pumpkins, and so much more.  September and October are also considered to be apple picking season.  One of the perks to living in the middle of nowhere is the mass amount of farmland that is near by.  30 minutes from my house in different directions are several apple orchards.  

On Sunday afternoon Todd and I went to a local orchard. While we were there we picked apples, walked around and looked at the fall decorations, and of course got apple cider doughnuts because what is a trip to an orchard without cider doughnuts.  It was a beautiful day, which made the orchard incredibly crowded.  

Going to an orchard is a great Fall date. It's cheap, you can spend as much time there as you want, it's something fun to do, and in the North East region there are tons of orchards so you don't have to travel very far. 

What to do with your hand picked apples?

I realized once I got home that I should have picked more apples because I didn't have enough to make pie or dumplings.  If I had more apples below are some things I would have made.


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  1. how fun, apple picking is something I'd love to do!