Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Snow Day

Happy Monday!
It really is a happy Monday for me.  I have another day off from classes today.  We got hit with another snow storm early this morning, so the university I attend is closed for the day.  Today is my third snow day, off from school, this semester...this is only the third week of the semester. 
 No complaints from this college student! 

Riley is not a fan of the snow today.
To keep him warm, we broke out his winter coat.

I've only had two weeks of classes and I am already feeling overwhelmed.  Between 6 classes, 2 labs, being an officer in my sorority, and coaching I hardly have a minute of free time.  The start of the semester has been really busy for me, so I am using today to catch up and gain back control over my life: organizing the dates of everything (in my agenda), studying, writing a few blog posts, and possibly a little bit of Netflix watching too.

Enjoy your Monday!

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  1. So lucky you got another snow day! I wish I would get one from work!