Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Birthday Wish List

A girl can dream right- that's what a "wish list" is for.  
You can check out mine on pinterest.
 These are ten of the things currently on my wish list.
Conveniently, my birthday is exactly one week from today.

I love candles and the candle I have in my room has just burned downed to nothing.  
Anthropologie has some of the best smelling candles.

This bracelet from Etsy is just adorable. 
Plus it is only $9.

This coat is from LL Bean. It was on my Christmas wish list, but it was sold out so I never got it.
However, it is back in stock! It comes in tan, cranberry, and green- I can't decide which color I like best.

This bow is only $6.50. I think it would be so cute to wear in my hair!  
They come in a variety of Lilly prints, I wouldn't be disappointed in any print I were to receive.

This is also an item that was on my Christmas wish list, but they too were sold out.
 In fact they are still sold out in my size until April.

I am obsessed with monograms, and I love running shorts. 
Therefore it doesn't get any better than this combination.
They are only $28 on Etsy.

I really like the Lilly monogram on this. 
It is also from Etsy and sells from $39.

Or anything else ADPi.
A sorority woman can never have enough apparel.

Tortoise Ray- Ban Wayfarer classics- $130

Season 5 and Season 6 are all I need to complete my collection!


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