Monday, December 9, 2013


Some people become coffee lovers at a young age.  Some people discover it in high school, and others find their love for it while pulling all nighters at college.  I can say I'm not really any of those people.  I honestly am not a coffee lover.  The caffeine doesn't really do much for me, and I cannot stand the after taste of it.  With all this said, I do enjoy coffee, but I can proudly say I am not a coffee addict.  

I started drinking coffee about a year or two ago thanks to my boyfriend, tDn.  He loves his daily cup(s) of coffee.  Especially when someone else makes it for him!  Anyways, one day he had me try his coffee, and this is when I discovered I actually liked it!

I absolutely love the smell of coffee.  Some of my favorite candle scents are coffee.  When it comes to drinking coffee I like cream and sugar, lots of it!  Rarely do I sip on hot coffee, I prefer it iced.  My favorite is Dunkin Doughnuts' Iced Caramel Latte without whipped cream.  I also like to make my own iced coffee at wawa using their hot french vanilla blend.  

At this point in the semester you can find most college students with a cup of coffee in their hands.  Everyone is cramming for finals and putting the finishing touches on their last few papers, projects, and presentations. 

How do you like your coffee?



  1. I LOVE coffee. It is so bad. Side note: I love your shoes. Those pink flats are adorable.


  2. I love vanilla, caramel or peppermint mocha. Iced or hot. My main weakness is Coke though. Regular or cherry. Keeps me going.

  3. I'm the same - I love the smell of coffee but have hated the taste until really recently! I can only drink coffee iced with a syrup to sweeten it! The mocha cookie crumble frap from Starbucks is my absolute fave coffee drink! I get my caffeine fix from diet coke though - it's my weakness :P

  4. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but I do love a hot cocoa on a cold winter night!

  5. I'm like you - love the smell, not crazy about the taste! I wish I liked it more though!

  6. i LOVE coffee!! I prefer iced over hot. And caramel is my favorite sweetener. :)

  7. I only started drinking coffee this autumn but I love it now. I always flavour it with a little bit of syrup (I currently love Starbucks vanilla) but Costa make the best Gingerbread latte!