Friday, December 6, 2013

Blogging Tips

Every new blogger is always looking for new tips and tricks on how to make their blog better.  I've been blogging for eleven months now, and I am definitely still trying to make my blog much better than it currently is.  I love reading the tips that fellow bloggers provide. 

Recently a friend of mine reached out to me about wanting to start a blog, and how I started The Shore Life According to M. Here are a few tips I gave to her:

one: Follow blogs for awhile to see what bloggers you do and do not enjoy following
two: Identify what you like about your favorite blogs.
three: Think of a name that has a strong meaning to you.
four: Reach out to more experienced bloggers.  I still email some of my favorite, established, bloggers for help.
five: When writing posts, be original.  Write about things that mean something to you. Don't just write a post because you think people will enjoy reading it.
Six: It is not about the money.  You should blog because it is something you enjoy.
Seven: Don't compare your blog to others who have been established for a long time. Blogging is like learning to ride a bike.  You are not going to be perfect right from the start.
Eight: Once you have created your blog, create social media for your blog (or incorporate it into the social media you already have).  Promoting your blog will help it become more successful.
Nine: Realize that blogging is time consuming.  You will have to spend a large amount of time in order to get your blog up and running.
Ten: Be sure to do blog link ups, contests, guest posts, etc. with other bloggers.

These are some great links for blogging tips:

Where do you get your blogging advice from?


  1. Great tips! I actually joined a Big & Little link up a few months into blogging and got paired with a more experienced blogger. She has helped me SO much. I highly recommend finding those for new bloggers.