Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer of Something New Week Three

Welcome to week three of the Blogging Challenge!
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This Summer is the first Summer in seven years that I am actually focusing on fitness just to better my body.  Each Summer for the past seven years I have trained, so that I am in good shape for Field Hockey preseason.  Since I am transferring, I won't be playing field hockey this Fall.  However, field hockey won't be going away completely because I will be helping to coach my high school team.
I feel like in the Summer there is a push for everyone to be skinny, and many people try to achieve this by doing many unhealthy diets.  I exercise year round, but in the summer I do put more of an emphasis on it just because  I have more time to do so.  I workout to feel good and to stay in shape.. to be healthy.  I think it is sad that not everyone does this. 

I am not over weight by any means, but I am all about being fit and healthy.  Right now I am working to lose about five pounds. This will put me at, in my opinion, a healthier weight.  I am working to meet my goal through eating healthy and exercising regularly.  In addition to my daily workouts, I also play in an adult field hockey league to keep me active. As long as eat well and exercise regularly, I should do this by September quite easily. 

Anyways, not having a team training packet this Summer has allowed for me to have a large amount of freedom to do what I want, when it comes to fitness.  I have been doing a lot of interval running. Below is one of the interval runs that I use quite frequently
 This week I decided to try something different.  I bought a video called Ballet Blast.  I was never a dancer so don't get the wrong idea.  This workout combines pilates and ballet.  It really tones the legs, core, and arms.  If I can do it, without a dancing bone in my body, then you can do it too. I bought it off of for I think $10.
You can preview it here:

I did this a couple days this week, and my inner thighs were definitely sore.

Earlier this week sQs came across a trainer. Jessica Smith, while doing some research online.  Let me tell you, my mom is the Queen of research! Jessica has tons of awesome videos on you tube.  She does all of her workouts in her house, so you are totally able to do her workouts at home.

After viewing her videos,  I started doing Flo Yoga.  I have been wanting to do yoga for some time now. I tried it a few times but I really didn't like how slow it was.  Flo Yoga is basically yoga but at a faster pace and to music.   I LOVED it!
For some reason I can't upload the video to this post, but if you click here you can find the workout I did. 
I also did her arm workout too.  The day after I did it, I was incredibly sore. 

I suggest you check out her you tube channel,
This week I was definitely really sore from my new workouts.  During the exercises when I would really feel the burn, I just look at the trainer's arms and say keep going and you'll have those arms.  It is all about motivation when it comes to working out.  Feeling sore after a workout, makes me feel accomplished like I am doing something right to better myself.

Adding the food component to fitness:
To track what I eat I have started using the app, Lose it.

Using this app, I am able to easily track how much food I should consume each day.  This app also allows you to set goals and has many other neat options.

It is important to fuel your body with healthy foods like fruits, veggies, and whole grains.  While maintaining a balanced diet.  Logging my food in Lose It, helps me to see what I need more or less of in my diet.  

What do you do to exercise?


  1. this is awesome!! I need this app - best of luck with your goals :)

  2. I feel so inspired by this to workout more often! I also agree about being healthy. I try to workout and eat better to be healthier, and that's my main reason. It's so important! I'm glad you liked yoga! I took a few yoga classes back at school, and they were fun :) For me, I love running outside to workout and I am obsessed with zumba classes!

    xo, gina