Friday, August 11, 2017

What to Watch on Netflix

Happy Friday! Congratulations, you've survived the work week and (almost) the second week in August.  I don't know about where you live, but where I live it's been pretty hot and humid outside lately.  The hot sticky weather does not make me want to spend time outside.  It seems like everyone has been looking for things to occupy their time that don't require them to be out in the hot sun. 

Watching Netflix. It's not the most productive task, but it's summer so it's okay to relax a little bit without feeling too guilty.  Everything in moderation, right? I'll be honest.. I'm not one to binge watch anything. I get bored when I want TV for long periods of time. However, I do like to watch an episode or two in a sitting.  It takes me what some people would consider forever to get through a series.  Example one, it took me almost an entire semester of college to get through Friday Night Lights. Example two, I've been watching Grey's Anatomy since November.. I'm still not caught up. I feel like everyone is always seeking recommendations for great shows and movies to watch, so today I'm sharing some of my favorites with you!

What are your favorites on Netflix right now?

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