Monday, August 7, 2017

Creative Ways To Use Your Agenda

Now that we are a week into August, I hope you have found the perfect planner. If you haven't, then no worries you can check out my guide to finding the perfect planner. So by now, most of you have been using your new agenda for a week.  You're finally acquainted with the single item that contains your everyday needs for surviving a busy lifestyle.  Or you might be one of those people who opts for a new year new agenda, and now you're six months into your planner.  Regardless, it's time to start using your agenda to the maximum! 

I've come to realize how many different purposes an agenda can have.  It's so much more than a place to write down important dates, meetings, and reminders. Check out my suggestions for getting the most out of your planner!

Daily Schedule: This is an obvious way to use your agenda.  Write down your schedule every day to make sure you don't forget a meeting or a class. 

Daily To Do Lists: Create a to do list each day with everything you want to accomplish. 

Goal Setting: Chances are if you are the type of person to utilize an agenda, then you are a goal setter.  Use your planner to keep track of the progress you have made towards achieving your goals. 

TV Shows: Keep track of when your favorite shows are on TV. Make a little note so you never forget. 

Inspiration:  Jot down an inspiring quote at the top of each week. You can never have enough motivation. 

Packing Lists: Use the notes section to prepare for your next weekend getaway. Creating your packing lists in your agenda allows you to refer back to them when you pack for the same location in the future. 

Budgeting: Write out your monthly budget in the calendar lay out. 

Track your spending: Write down what you've spent each day. At the end of the month, you will be able to see how much you spent and where. 

Workout Schedule: Keep track of your workouts.  You'll never fail to forget to go to the gym nor what exercises you ddi during that really great workout at the gym two weeks ago. 

Bill Due Dates: Gross. Not what you want to hear, but a great way to make sure you always pay your bills on time. 

Meal Planning: The perfect place to plan your meals each week.  

Remember important dates:  The perfect location to keep all the important dates you need to know (anniversaries/ birthdays/holidays). 

Mini Phone Book: Write down any important numbers and addresses you may need in the notes section or on the date you actually need them. 

Wedding Planning: If you're getting married or you are in a wedding party, then you know how many dates there are to keep track of. 

Water Intake: I like to keep track of how much water I drink each day.  Not getting enough water explains a lot of things. 

Crafting: If you use a Lilly Pulitzer agenda, then you definitely can recycle it for crafting. There are so many different crafts involving recycled agendas on Pinterest.  You can check out how I recycled an old agenda here. 

Interview Tool: I like to use the notes section to reflect after my interviews. I write down every question that I was asked, how i felt after the interview, what outfit I wore,  and any random notes I might have.  

What are the creative ways you use your agenda?

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