Monday, July 3, 2017

Fourth of July Outfit Inspiration

It's the final countdown. Only one more day until the Fourth of July! The most American holiday there is- red/white/blue, stars and stripes, barbecues, parades, backyard fun, a day at the beach, etc. Regardless of how you will be spending the holiday, I'm sure you're looking for a fun outfit to wear. Well, I'm right there with you. I would love to go shopping for something cute to wear, but I'm trying to save money plus after a closet raid this weekend I realized that I have plenty of items I can pair together for the perfect outfit. So have no fear, I'm here to bring you some inspiration without having to go on a mini red, white, and blue shopping spree. 

My tips for putting together the perfect Fourth of July outfit:
Step one:
Put on your favorite playlist. It's always more funs styling clothes with a little music on!

Step two:
Raid your closet for anything that is red, white, or blue.

Step three:
Lay all of the items you found out on your bed.  It's best to categorize the items (bottoms, tops, dresses, accessories). 

Step four:
Use my outfits as inspiration to mix and match what you have to create a cute look. Don't be afraid to do some pattern play here either.  It's a fun holiday, so don't feel you need to be boring!

Once you create your outfit, don't forget to tag me in it or use the hashtag #ShoreLifeofM

Have a fun and safe holiday!

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  1. Great Playlist! Nothing like much red, blue and white to feel patriotic!