Friday, May 8, 2015

Three More Semesters

Yesterday I finished my junior year of college. I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by.  This year I turned over a new page and can say I actually am enjoying the university I attend. This time last year it was just a place to go to school, and now it is a place where I am surrounded by so many great friends and have made so many memories that I will forever cherish.  

This past semester was hands down the most difficult semester of my college career.  I took seven classes, nineteen credits.  Not only did I just take seven classes but I spent about one and a half hours a day driving (commuter problems), trained and completed a half marathon, was President of my sorority, joined another organization, maintained a relationship with Todd, was an active member in my honors society, and still managed to make time for FUN with my friends. I may not have made Dean's List this semester but I certainly learned how to manage my time and make time for myself. 

This week was the most challenging finals week I have had.  I took four exams, wrote four papers, wrote three unit lesson plans and had two presentations in the past week. How did I survive? Drinking lots of water, studying, and getting plenty of rest.  These three things each played a vital role in my success and survival.  I chose to drink water instead of coffee because the caffeine in coffee makes me feel anxious and water helps with hydration.  Studying is the key to success during finals week, but it must be done strategically in order to be effective.  Notecards were my study tool of choice this semester. Last but certainly not least important is sleep.  I made sure to get eight hours of sleep every night.  Being well rested helps with focus. If you work hard the weeks leading up to finals week and have good time management, then "all nighters" do not need to be an option. 

Some of my favorite memories from this semester: 

Winning Sorority of the Year 2014
Turning 21
Saint Patrick's Day with my best friend
Running my first half marathon

Greek Week
Twin Time
Study dates with Todd
Formal Friday

I'm looking forward to the upcoming year and all that is in store for me: nannying, beach trips, another semester of being President of my sorority, traveling to Arizona, moving into an apartment with some of my sisters, and making more memories. 

Here' s to the start of Summer 2015!

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