Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Life's Lessons Lately

When you are feeling inspired it's okay to stop what you are doing to write.

A venti espresso after 8 pm is not the best thing for a good night's rest.

"Apologizing doesn't always mean you are wrong. It just means you value your relationships more than your ego."

Procrastinating online classes is bad, REALLY BAD!

It's important to treat yourself from time to time.

Waking up before 6 am is not so bad.

It's okay to celebrate when that paper you struggled to write was evaluated as "A" worthy.

Watching one episode of Netflix won't kill you.

If you're going to be out of the house for more than 8 hours, then it's a good idea to bring your laptop charger, phone charger, and any other charger you deem as necessary if you need to conquer a long to do list. 

Sometimes it is better to not set expectations of others because it prevents you from being disappointed. 

Taking a second to literally smell some flowers can change the curve of a frown into the a smile instantly.

Sometimes you just need a night out with some good friends. 

Running is more about mental will power than it is athleticism.

It's okay to be grumpy, tired &/or hungry {HANGRY} sometimes. Those who love you will forgive you for the words you said but didn't mean. 

Just when you think you can't continue, you will see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Communication is important in any relationship.

The world won't end if you don't accomplish everything on your daily to do list.

There is nothing wrong with looking to an inspirational quote for the day's motivation.

Spontaneous adventures make life fun. 
It is better to think positively rather than worst case scenario.

If you don't have to wake up to an alarm remember to turn it off the night before.

Making Dean's List won't make or break you. 

It's okay to have fun.

A little retail therapy goes a long way. 


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