Monday, March 3, 2014

You Know You're Busy When..

I'm back and ready to conquer the blogging world again! Life has been eating me alive lately.  This semester is flying by, only two weeks until Spring Break! 
So obviously I've been busy- how do you know?

You know I've been busy when...
I've passed up the opportunity to blog for money.
I haven't been checking my personal email daily.
I've been eating one meal a day.
I haven't talked to my best friends in over two weeks.
I haven't worked out in two weeks.
The average amount of time I've been sleeping each night has been five hours.
I haven't published a blog post in over three weeks.
I haven't read my favorite blogs in over three weeks.

School, work, and my involvement with my sorority have me spread quite thin.  I love everything I am involved in, but I am beginning to realize I need to make a little more me time.  This week my goal is to schedule my day into time increments, allowing for certain things to only be done at certain times of the day. I am hoping that this strategy will provide me with more balance in my life.

I hope to start posting at least three times a week. Since I haven't published a post in awhile, I have a ton of topics to post about!


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  1. Welcome back! I hope the following weeks give you more of a break!