Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weekend Happenings

This weekend and the next two days are technically considered my Fall Break.  Typical for my life right now, today was really my only day off for my four day weekend.  This weekend was filled with so many joyful things, and I am so thankful for everything in my life right now. 

Friday night I was still feeling a little sick, but my mom wanted me to come to Target with her so I went along.  Well, we ended up going to a few other places in addition to Target.  My favorite place being Designer Shoe Warehouse, DSW.  I have been wanting a pair of nude heals, and Friday I finally found the perfect pair.  They are padded in just the right places, and these are seriously so comfortable.  My mom, a teacher who spends her entire day on her feet, even bought the same
 pair in black.
Saturday morning I volunteered at the run for life with the high school team that I coach.  One of the girl's organized it to raise money for suicide awareness, as her graduation project.  The event ended up raising over $3,500.  The morning was filled with such a positive feeling.  The reason that the run occurs is because two years ago a girl on the team took her life, I shared this story with you about a month ago.  This event first started last year, it had a somber feeling because the incident was just too fresh.  I was thrilled to see the turn out and attitude of the event was so much better this year.  The participants wearing the teal shirts were family members of the girl who passed away.  It was great to see how much support the community provided too.

After the race, I spent the rest of the day with tDn.  We went out to a late lunch for our anniversary.  Tuesday will be our three year anniversary, but we go to different schools and our schedules don't coordinate so we celebrated early.  We both love sushi, so this was an obvious choice for us.  After lunch we exchanged gifts. It turns out great minds think alike because we literally got each other the exact same thing.  What are the chances of that happening?
Apparently the Kindle Fire HD is where it's at!  I'll be honest if I had the choice I would have chosen an Ipad, but so far I am loving my kindle.  I am getting used to it, so if any of you have tips or suggestions feel free to help a fellow blogger out!

We ended our night by getting pumpkin ice cream at a local ice cream shop. 
Fun Fact: I went the whole month of September without eating ice-cream.   
I got chocolate and pumpkin, and he got caramel swirl and pumpkin.  It was quite delicious, but then again anything pumpkin is tasty. 

 This weekend I also found out that I will be visiting my best friend in less than 50 days! My dad is going up for a game with his friends, and my schedule ended up being free that weekend so I will be able to see mIr. I am so excited to see my best friend, being apart is no easy task.

Sunday Funday:
Today I spent the day getting things done around the house.  Being sick and overwhelmed with exams last week, my room became a disaster. I like things organized, especially my room, so it was driving me crazy.  I re-organized my closet: putting some summer clothes in storage and adding Fall clothes to my closet. Confession: I absolutely love my closet and the shelving in it.

 I also cleaned my bathroom today, and I realized that my bottle of perfume is empty! Such a sad moment, I love my perfume.  It's something I get every year for Christmas, so I'll have to go a couple months without it.

Overall, this weekend was a really great one.  The next two days I will be doing observations in the classroom, which I am very excited about.  This will be my first time in the classroom, as an education major.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!



  1. I love DSW and Kelly & Katie. Their shoes are great. Glad you had a good weekend!

    xoxo Jenny

  2. Love DSW! I get so many of my shoes there. :-) This summer I got my first pair of nude pumps from TJ Maxx- they were Nine West and very marked down! Such a good shoe to have, I wore mine to our ADPi chapter meeting tonight haha!

    And happy anniversary to you and your boyfriend!! Too funny about the gifts!

    xoxo A

  3. I'm so jealous of your closet! I would love shelving like that!