Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cute Halloween Costumes

I will be the first to say that I don't really like Halloween.  I don't  enjoy dressing up and I am not a huge candy lover either.  Halloween has never been my thing, even when I was a child. I drove my mom crazy every year when it came to choosing a costume. I could never decide what to be until the night before or the day of Halloween.  

With this said, I am dressing up for a costume party this weekend, but I bought items that I could wear again besides just for the costume. I will post about this in the near future.

I think the best Halloween costumes are for children.  They are too cute. One of the reasons I am excited to be home for Halloween is so that I can see the younger kids' adorable costumes.

Here are some of my favorites from pinterest.

Happy Halloween!


  1. OMG the old man from up is amazing! I'm not a big Halloween person now that I'm older either... I am excited to hand out candy tonight though!

  2. Those costumes are so so so cute! Especially the old lady costume! Just started following you on GFC and Bloglovin', I love your blog I can't wait to see what else you post!

  3. How adorable! My favorite is definitely the one from Up! So cute! I'm following you from the Her Campus network! So excited to finally be a part of it!

  4. adorable, adorable, adorable. I love little kid costume! :D

    by the way, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving that sweet comment. :)


  5. I love that little chicken costume! So cute!