Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blogtember Day One

This morning as I was reading some blogs I came across this blogging challenge that jenni from Story of My Life has created for the month of September.  Since September is a busy month with transitioning back into the flow of school, I thought participating in this challenge would help me make sure I continue to post regularly.  Plus, I will be able to focus more on school and less on what to blog about.  Also, this gives me some time to create some great posts for October. 
Day One: Describe what or where you come from. The people, places, and/or factors that make up who you are.
I was born in February 1994 in Pennsylvania.  It was just my parents, my dog, and I. 
When I was three and a half we moved to a house of our own in a small neighborhood, and three weeks later my younger brother was born.
sQt and I are really close. We get along so well, I consider him one of my best friends.  

I was home schooled from second through sixth grade by my mom, was is a teacher.
When I was younger I tried a bunch of sports: basketball, gymnastics, cheerleading, softball, lacrosse,  and field hockey.
Fun Fact: I was a cheerleader for six years.

The summer before fourth grade I met my best friend, mIr. This Summer was our tenth anniversary of being friends.

In high school, I was really involved. I was in numerous clubs, I played travel field hockey, and field hockey for my high school. I had many different friends and so many good memories.
My junior and senior year I spend Thanksgiving playing field hockey in Arizona.

 Homecoming Sophomore year
 Homecoming Junior year.
 October 2010, I met tDn. We went to homecoming together.
 Senior Night.
 Dodge ball Tournaments

Senior Prom

After I graduated high school, I went off to a small liberal arts school in Maryland to study biology and play division III field hockey.
 Being able to play field hockey at the collegiate level, was one of the most amazing experiences.  It was quite interesting to experience my freshman year of college as a student athlete.  I learned how to push myself to the limit, organization, not to be so easy to trust people, and to be self advocating.
 It was at this school that I met one of my best friends jHg.  We were roommates last year, and I swear she is the blonde version of myself.

In the middle of last year, I changed majors to elementary education.  Because of this, I ended up transferring schools.  

I attending college in Pa, where I commute to from my parent's house.  
I am studying to become a middle grades teacher. 
I have been dating tDn for almost three years.
I have entered a new realm of field hockey, as I am an assistant volunteer field hockey coach at
 the high school I graduated from. 

I wouldn't be half the person I am, nor would I have experienced the things I have without the guidance of my wonderful parents. It is because of them that I am the well rounded person I am today. 

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me.  I thought it would be fun to change it up and use more pictures rather than words for today.

If you want to join the blogtember challenge, don't forget to check out Jenni's site.


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