Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Bye-Bye Summer, See You Next Year

And that's a wrap!  I doughnut want summer to end. Although summer doesn't officially end for another few weeks, I think most of us can agree that Labor Day is really the end of the season. After Labor Day we seemed to be bombarded with everything related to Fall, back to school shenanigans, and the weather begins to change. Our summer vacations have come and gone, and before we know it we will be preparing for the holiday season.

The past few months seemed to fly by.  When I look back at it, the Summer seems like a blur. It was filled with lots of fun and a little bit of stress (aka the job hunt). I was able to have a girls' beach weekend, spend a week in Charleston, discovered my love for spin class, found out how great yoga can be for the mind and body, read some great books, play field hockey, truly live and learn how things happen for a reason, and spent time with the people that I love. I'm sad to see the Summer go, but I'm excited to see what's to come.

Anyone else get the Sunday scaries yesterday and realize that it wasn't actually Sunday? Yesterday I spent half the day shopping and the other half conquering my to do list.  Somewhere in between these tasks, I began thinking how Labor Day Monday is really like the Sunday of Summer. It symbolizes the season coming to an end and school beginning again.  It's a time of transition filled with endless possibilities. 

This year the "Sunday of Summer" had my head spinning. Today is the day that essentially everything I've been so hard to achieve comes true.  Today is my first day of school as a teacher. It's honestly unreal when I actually take a minute to think about it.  As I get ready this morning, I am filled with so many emotions- excitement, a little anxiety, and pure joy!

Wishing you a fabulous work week!


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