Friday, June 12, 2015

Life Lately: June Updates

Hello hello!

I cannot believe that the second week of June is already coming to a close. Life has been pretty hectic lately.  I have not been blogging very much, so I am sure you are wondering what I have been up to.
Today I'm here to give you a glimpse into life's recent happenings.

Making Salads. I realized the other day that my Instagram has been filling up with pictures of food. What can I say I am a foodie. I love to cook and I love to eat food too.  Summer is the perfect time for salad. It is easy to throw the week's leftovers on top of a bed of lettuce and call it a meal.  It is a quick and healthy fix for dinner. 

Moving.  Almost two weeks ago I moved into an apartment closer to campus with three of my sorority sisters. Yes, I will no longer be commuting to school.  I have been working on getting settled in and brainstorming how I want to decorate my room.  More details on this to come in the future. This summer I am back and forth between home and my apartment since I still have my nannying job at home. 

Summer Classes.  Yesterday I finished my fifth week of summer classes. I decided to take two classes during summer session and let me tell you taking two 300 level courses is no easy task.  However, I do love the fast paced nature that summer courses have.  It also makes it easier that I have a few friends in each of my courses.  I have two more weeks left and then my summer will officially begin!

Beach Trips. Despite my busy schedule, I have managed to make it to the beach twice since the semester ended.  Todd and I took a day trip a few weeks ago, and last weekend I was there with my family for my best friend's 21st birthday celebration.  The beach is my happy place, especially when I am surrounded by the people I love.

Celebrating.  This time of year is popular for weddings, birthdays, graduations, and so much more. It seems like every weekend I have some type of event to attend.  In the past three weeks I have gone to  a graduation party, a birthday party, a wedding shower, and still have a handful of events to attend in the upcoming weekends.  These gatherings have been filled with family, friends, and lots of happiness! It is fun to celebrate the successes of people that are important to you. 

Blog Planning. I know this is not the first time I have gone MIA and promised to come back to the blogging world, but I promise I actually mean it this time! This past week I spent some time drafting some posts.  I was lacking inspiration for a little while, but I am feeling refreshed and ready to post regularly again. Blogging is something that is important to me and I would hate to give it up because life got in the way.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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