Thursday, June 27, 2013

Workout clothing

Finding workout clothing can sometimes be difficult.  A lot of the clothing out there is far too pricey for what you get.  Sure, I love my nike running shorts.  But realistically, I can't afford all my exercise clothing to be Nike.  Recently, I have found that a good alternative is to check out the Active wear at Target.  They have a fairly large selection for reasonable prices.  
I have a pair of these that are black and gray, I absolutely love them!

 Running Shorts $17 
These are very similar to Nike running shorts and a bit cheaper too. They come in a wide variety of bright fun colors.

This tank is great for working out, unlike most workout tops this one does not ride up while you are exercising.

This tank is great. I love that it is ribbed and the material is not like your usual everyday wear rib tank.  It wicks the sweat away. 
I have this bra in both black and gray.  It is definitely one of my favorites to wear while working out. I highly recommend it.
This sports bra is really comfortable.  I like to wear these with some of my tanks.  

Do any of you buy your active wear from Target?



  1. Is it sad that I think one of the best things about working out is the cute clothes you get to wear and then when you go out in public it makes you look more active than you really are? haha Very cute options!


  2. I'm in LOVE with activewear at Target--especially their sports bras since those are the only kind I own! I've found some good deals with Nike a few times, but Target is definitely a go-to place for me (for anything really!) I absolutely love Target!

    Thanks for sharing your favorite picks--I saw the capri's the other day and I'm thinking about getting a pair for the fall and cooler months :)

    xo, gina

  3. i have been needing new workout gear but i hate shopping for it!