Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's In My Beach Bag

Awhile back I had a post on what Beach Bag to buy for this summer. I finally decided to get a monogrammed canvas tote from Invite Cottage.  It is black and has my initials in bright pink.  I actually ordered my mom this same bag for Mother's Day, she loves it. 
Okay so here are most of the items that I put in my bag to go to the beach.  
A book, hair brush, sun glasses, cards, Vera Bradley beach towel,small cosmetic case, large cosmetic case, a hat, and a tumbler for water (not pictured).
 In this small Vera Bradley cosmetic bag I usually put my ipod, headphones, and phone.  It is lined so it keeps my electronics safe from the salt air, dampness, and rain that can all happen while at the beach. 
 In this large Vera Bradley make up case is where I keep all of my essentials.  
Hawaiian Tropic 30 SPF sun screen- this is my absolute favorite sunscreen it smells so good and most importantly protects my skin from the sun
Cetaphil- I use this SPF 50 on my face. My skin is ultra sensitive so it is hard for m to find sun screen for my face that doesn't irritate it. 
Aloe- You can never go to the beach without this.  In case a long day at the beach leaves you with a sunburn
Chap stick- I am obsessed with this.
Orange eos- I always wear this.
Yellow eos- This has SPF 15 so it keeps my lips from burning
Having short hair makes life at the beach difficult for this girl.  There is no such thing as a good hair day for me when it comes to spending time on the beach.  This is why I have hair ties, claw clipsbobby pins, and head bands.. all of these help keep my hair under control.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I take to the beach!


  1. Cute bag! Love the vera! :)

  2. Love love love your Vera!! I want to save up to buy one of their beach towels, they seem amazing!

    xoxo Miss ALK

    1. I got mine several years ago as a birthday gift from one of my friends. I love it! It has lasted awhile , so I think the quality of it is certainly worth the price!

  3. Love the bag! Cute post!


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  4. I have that same vera bradley towel and I love it!