Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Assignment Sheet for Fall Semester

The Fall semester is always much more busy for me than the Spring semester. Due to this I like to make sure I begin each year really on top of things.  This is my fourth semester taking eighteen credits or more.  Managing six to seven courses plus labs can become a little bit challenging.  In order to prevent myself from forgetting any important assignments, I like to create a semester assignment sheet.  This assignment sheet contains all course readings, days of labs, days when classes are cancelled, online modules, exams, quizzes, homework assignments, papers, readings that go along with certain lectures and any other assignments.  The first week of classes I take the time to read through the syllabus for each class, and then I gradually compile all of the dates and assignments into one large document.  I know it's the third week of classes, so if you still want to create one of these it's still not too late! Below you will find the steps I take to turn six syllabus into one document.

One: Read through each syllabus 

Two: Order your syllabus in the order that you have your classes (example: 1st- MF 11am class, 2nd- MWF 1pm class, 3rd- MWF 2pm class, 4th- Tues/Thurs 9:30am class, etc.)

Three: Open up an excel spreadsheet or a word document.  I recommend using whichever one you are more comfortable navigating. Personally, I prefer to use word. 

Four: Create a table with four columns and lots of rows.  The number of rows will be adjusted depending on the number of assignments you have. 

Five:  Title the columns as follows: Due Date, Date Completed, Class, and Assignments.

Six: Begin by creating a row for each of the weeks. I usually include the week's dates and the week number in these rows.

Seven: Open up the first syllabus to the list of due dates and assignments.  Begin by entering all the due dates for week one for this class.  Once you have done this, then move on and complete this for each week of the semester.  

Eight: Repeat step seven until you have entered the dates for each of your courses.

Nine:  Bold any quizzes or exams. This will help them stand out more. 

I bring this sheet with me to every class.  If professors change any due dates, then I simply take some white out and adjust the due date.  As I complete each assignment I write down the date it is completed, and then I  use a highlighter to highlight that the assignment has been completed. This assignment sheet is helpful for planning out my weeks.  By referencing this sheet, I can easily view which weeks are going to be busier academically and when I need to start studying for quizzes and exams. 

If you have any questions setting up your semester assignment sheet, then feel free to email me!

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