Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Prioritizing Yourself

Birthday flowers from my family.

Life in college can be quite overwhelming.  It is easy to become too involved and forget about the important things in life.  Those important things that might be small but make you happy.  Balancing academics, involvement, relationships, friendships, and remembering to take care of yourself too can be difficult.  This is the lesson I am learning this semester.  Taking too much on your plate can cause you to become stressed, tired, overwhelmed, and prohibits you from functioning to your full capability.  

I am a perfectionist. I am obsessed with my grades. Since week one of this semester, I've been wishing it was over already.  That's definitely not a good outlook to have...wishing time away doesn't solve any problems, if anything it creates more. 
I like to be busy, but I have trouble drawing the line of when I shouldn't take any more on my plate.  I am beginning to realize that I am involved in so many things plus taking a full 19 credit course load is causing me to forget about myself.  I am doing all of these activities and studying, but I don't take the time to do things that make me happy.  This is definitely not a healthy way for me to live.

 I have not been allowing there to be any "me time" this semester.  For example, I've hardly blogged since the semester started and it's not because I don't have any's because I am not taking the time out of my day to write.  Writing is something that makes me happy, it gets my creative juices flowing.  I have been working out but not nearly as much as I should be.  I've had "Paint nails" on my to do list  for about a month now but haven't actually done it.  All three of these things are small, but I'm just putting everything and everyone before myself.  

Being on the go 24/7 is beginning to take a toll on my mental health.  I haven't been in the best spirits. I feel like I am drowning in life. I don't feel like I have enough time for anything. My brain feels foggy. I am lacking motivation. All I want to do is sleep.This is not the way I want to endure this semester. I need to make a change or else the next ten weeks will be incredibly long and painful.

Beginning this week, I've began to take little time each day to do something for myself.  I think this change will give me a better outlook on things and will hopefully stop this drowning feeling I've been experiencing the past few weeks. 

Here is how I plan to spend my "me" time this week:
Monday: Read some of my favorite blogs and whatch the Bachelor
Tuesday: Workout and watch Vanderpump Rules
Wednesday: Workout and draft a blog post
Thursday: Paint my nails
Friday: Workout 

How do you make time for yourself when life gets busy?



  1. Giving yourself a "daily "me" task" is such a great idea! Might have to start doing that myself!

  2. It's definitely important to give yourself time to relax and unwind, think of it as keeping up your mental health! Also the Bachelor has been crazy this season!

  3. I have this exact same problem during this semester. I've started making Friday night's Me night. I probably miss some social events, but it helps me recover from the week and school.